100 Tips For Better Beta Tests

Years ago when I was taking my CIS courses, I remember my professors often said, “always beta test your software before launching it.”

Nowadays, this is so true especially through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Users will not hesitate to vocalize their opinions if you didn’t test out your software and pushed out an alpha version as your beta (or beta as live). Opinions not only can be harsh and ruthless, but they can spread out there pretty fast.

If you’re launching a product on your own or if you’re a small company, you may wonder where to begin. This is a great ebook in a SlideShare presentation by Centercode containing 100 tips for beta testing that can help keep things organized.

The ebook outlines planning your test, recruiting and selecting testers, handling Non Disclosure Agreements (nothing worse than a tester tweeting about your secret killer product), communicating with testers, handling feedback, etc.

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