Useful Tools For Product Shots

Fascinating tools I came across that are time savers. If you’re not a designer or you don’t have the tools available to you to create product images, these will help you get the job done quickly and easily.


Useful Tools For Product Shots - Snapito

Snapito is a simple web tool created by Cazcade Ltd, a startup in Brighton, UK. This tool will create high-quality screenshots. Simply enter the url of the site you want to screenshot and click the settings cog to reveal additional options.

You can choose the screenshot size (desktop, tablet, mobile) and the type of screenshot you want (full length, large cropped, medium cropped, small cropped, thumbnail).

Even if you have Photoshop and know how to create a full-length screenshot, it’s time-consuming. This tool will create a screenshot while you switch browser tabs and work on something else.

One thing I did notice, if your site lazy loads images, any images below the fold will not show up. If you change the delay setting in Snapito, it will work. I found that setting the delay to 10 seconds seems to work well.

The tool is free to use. If you need to generate screenshots for more than 100 unique urls or want to use their API, check out their site for more info.


Useful Tools For Product Shots - Frame

Frame is a free tool created by Lab25, which is built and run by Paul Aikman, Armin Solecki and Grant MacLennan from Glasgow, Scotland.

If you need a product shot of your site in the image, Frame will save you time and will generate the image in a matter of seconds.

As soon as you arrive on the site, click the “Get Started” button. You will be presented with an option to choose desktop, Android, iPhone, etc.

Frame's Product Shot Options

Choose the photo you want to use, then upload your image, resize and reposition your crop area. You can download the image or copy the and share the url on social networks.

Product Shot - Socks On An Octopus


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